Constitution of Bihar and Jharkhand Medical Association, UK (2008)




i. The name of the association is “Bihar and Jharkhand Medical Association (UK), hereinafter called BJMA.


Office and Website


ii. The headquarters of BJMA shall be within the United Kingdom, with the official address being that of the serving secretary of the organisation. There will be a single official website, which is currently:




iii. The objectives of the BJMA are:


a. To maintain the honour and dignity and uphold the interests of the medical profession.
b. To promote co-operation and social integration amongst the members and their families.
c. To maintain links with the medical colleges in Bihar and Jharkhand through various educational activities.
d. To support charity in the United Kingdom, Bihar and Jharkhand through various means.




iv. To achieve these objectives BJMA shall:


a. Hold annual educational conference and social meeting, for the members of the BJMA and the medical professional in general. (There will be a single fee for all delegates though paid members attending the annual reunion will get some discount, decided by the Central Executive committee).
b. Publish a magazine and directory of members annually, in association with the organising secretary of the annual reunions. (Contribution towards printing charges would be made by the Central Executive committee).
c. Collect subscriptions from members, and raise separate funds for charity as and when necessary, in such a manner as the BJMA Central Executive Committee may think fit.




v. The BJMA shall consist of members whose names are on the Register of the Members of the BJMA at the time when these revised Rules and Byelaws come into operation and of subsequent members. Only those who pay the subscription will be enlisted on the Register of the Members.


vi. Eligibility for membership:


a. Any medical or dental graduate with qualification from Medical Colleges in Bihar or Jharkhand, their medical spouse or their medical children who are resident in the United Kingdom.
b. Any medical or dental graduate of Bihar and Jharkhand parentage, who is resident in the United Kingdom.
c. Any medical or dental student of Bihar and Jharkhand parentage, who is resident in the United Kingdom.
d. Any allied health care professional of Bihar and Jharkhand parentage, who is resident in the United Kingdom, shall be eligible for associate membership.




vii. Subscription rates will be recommended by the Central Executive Committee and approved by the Annual General Meeting of BJMA. Two types of subscriptions are recommended – Annual and Life, with the subscription year running from January to December of that year. Subscription collection will be through a single cheque for Life membership and through Standing Order only for Annual membership. 


Associate members will pay the same subscription rates as other members and will have the same voting rightsThey will however not be eligible to stand for the post of office bearers. 


Subscription rates for retired members shall be reduced at the discretion of Central Executive Committee. 


Management of the Association


viii. The general control, management and direction of the policy and affairs of BJMA shall be carried out by the Central Executive Committee.


ix. Composition of the Central Executive Committee


The Central Executive committee shall be composed of the following members of BJMA, elected for a term of Office for Three Years, by the members whose names are on the Register of Members on the 31st December of the previous year.


It will consist of 


a. The President 
b. The Immediate Past President
c. Two Vice Presidents
d. Secretary
e. Joint Secretary
f. Treasurer
g. Joint Treasurer
h. Twelve Executive Committee members
i. Co-opted members and
j. The organising secretary of the next Annual Educational Conference/Reunion


x. Patrons: The honour of becoming Patron of BJMA will be given to distinguished members. The Central Executive Committee will recommend the names to the General Body at the Annual General meeting, for approval.  The patron would remain in office until they express their desire to step down.

xi. Annual General meeting (AGM): This will be held annually at the time of the Annual Educational Conference/Reunion of BJMA and will be open to all delegates. However, only paid members on the Register will be eligible to vote. At the AGM, presided over by the President, a summary of the accounts will be presented by the treasurer along with the Reports of the President and Secretary.


xii. Meetings of Central Executive Committee: Ordinarily, the Central Executive Committee will meet 3 times per year (July to June), and if necessary a fourth meeting may be called by the President. The expenses incurred towards organising the meetings (apart from the one at the time of the annual reunion in July) will be borne by the Central Executive Committee.


xiii. Power and Functions of the Central Executive Committee: 


a. It will administer the affairs of the Association in accordance with the Constitution of the BJMA.
b. It may co-opt members or form working parties for any specific purpose.
c. Members of the Central Executive Committee must attend a minimum of 66% of the meetings of the Committee each year to fulfil their roles effectively. However, the Central Executive Committee may allow Leave of Absence for special and pressing personal reasons.
d. In case of non-fulfilment of their roles and non-compliance of their attendance, the President with three other members of the Central Executive Committee will take the lead to obtain approval by at least two third members for replacement of that particular Central Executive Committee member.


Election of members of Central Executive Committee


xiv. This will be held by Postal Ballot every three years. The Electoral Register will be the up-to-date Register of Members as on the 31st December of the previous year.


xv. Eligibility for holding office for the same post will be for a maximum of two consecutive terms.


xvi. Candidate standing for election must be a fully paid member and should be proposed and seconded by a fully paid member of BJMA.


xvii. The election will be conducted by Three Election Commissioners, appointed by the Central Executive Committee. The election commissioners would not be candidates for the election themselves but would automatically become members of the Central Executive Committee. 


Amendment of the Constitution 


The constitution of the BJMA can be amended as and when necessary, at the recommendation of two third majority of Central Executive Committee and on approval by the AGM.